Like many people I didn’t grow up thinking “I really want to be a marketing consultant”, in fact I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say that. Yet here I am with over 15 years of marketing experience under my belt, working with incredible clients on projects I care deeply about.

I fell in to my first marketing job whilst at College studying Business Studies, working part-time at a local firm selling power tools. Internet connections were not particularly fast back then and the company was one of the first in the country to attempt selling tools online. There I was at the forefront of eCommerce. My job was to upload product images and build reciprocal links.

I went on to study Business Management at the University of Southampton passing with First-Class Honours. After graduating I spent the next ten years performing a variety of in-house and marketing agency roles, perfecting my craft as a marketing professional.

Fast track to August 2018 and Just Add Treviss was born. Our promise is to provide marketing advice and support that’s honest and effective.

Matt Treviss, Marketing Consultant