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50+ Marketing tools & resources


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Every tradesperson should have a decent set of tools and that’s no different for people working in the marketing (and) digital world…

We promised you a mega list of marketing tools and resources so here it is. We use all of these amazing marketing tools here at at the Just Add Treviss, some on a daily basis and most of which are free. The paid ones are right at the bottom. Please feel free to share this list with your network – thanks for reading.

Free Marketing Tools & Resources

Unsplash – Free images, great search feature and available in high resolution which is great.

Pexels – Same as the above, just another great source of images.

Namelix – Great business name generator tool and also provides logo design inspiraton.

Coolors – Really helpful if you’re struggling to find complementary colours or a colour pallet that works for a new design or website. – Clue is in the name, generates website favicons super quick will all the neccessary files for each device type. Simply upload your logo, download the package and upload to your website.

Text mechanic – Text manipulation tool for making bulk changes to text like removing line breaks.

Convertcase – Similar to text mechanic but can do things like remove capitalisation in bulk amongst other things. Good time saver. – Great for reducing the size of images, especially large JPEGs.

Google fonts – Hope we’re not stating the obvious, but it’s a great source of fonts especially if you need a free font that you can use on your website and printed materials.

Screaming Frog – Really useful tool for crawling a website. Great for identifying missing page titles and descriptions plus a whole host of other features and benefits. It’s free for crawling websites up to 500 pages in size.

Xneu Link Sluth – If you need to find broken links on your website, this tool is great. Don’t be put off by the basic looking download page, it’s a great tool and has been around for ages!

SEOMOFO – Quick tool for mocking up and testing the length and presentation of your page titles, meta descriptions, rich snippets etc.

BrightLocal – Local SEO tool. It’s not easy optimising citations i.e. Name, Address and Location Aka NAP. They offer a 14 day free trial which should give you enough information to get started.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker – Not everyone knows about Ahrefs free backlink checker tool. You can use this tool to check your own website’s backlinks and your competitors too.

Wayback Machine – This handy tool takes snapshots of websites over time. Great if you need to see what your website looked like a year ago.

UK Unlimited – These are so many website hosting providers out there. We find these guys are really good.

Brackets – Desktop app for coding. If you need to know up some HTML or CSS this editor is lightweight and works really well.

Oxygen WordPress Builder – This one isn’t free put but it’s worth it. If you want to build your own WordPress website without buying a theme or using more expensive builders like Beaver Builder this is perfect. It works really well, and you can build almost anything design wise. Really well documented and lots of tutorials too.

WordPress SEO Framework – A lot of people use Yoast, but actually if you want a simple plugin that handles the main SEO things you need to focus on this is the best plugin to use.

301 Redirects Plugin – When using .htaccess isn’t the best thing to do or you need a super ‘user friendly’ way of managing a couple of redirects.

WP Manage – Do you backup your WordPress website regularly? If not, why not? And if you don’t start using this.

Pingdom Website Speed Test – Does what is says in the link.

PPC Concatenation Tool – Concatawhat?! This tool combines keywords. Great for combining [keyword] + [keyword] with [location] to make sure you cover all possible variations for example. You can combine up to 4 lists and apply keyword match type criteria too. Very handy.

Ubersuggest – Free keyword tool from Neil Patel. If you log in using a Google account you can see more data and you can also pay a tiny £8 per month to get access to all of the data. – Another keyword tool that lets you query search volumes on Youtube, Bing, Amazon etc.

Google Keyword Planner – You need a google ads account but you don’t have to spend money. This is Google native keyword research tool which gives you search volume and keyword suggestions.

Answer the public – Does all the hard work compiling a questions and topics around a particular search term. Great at providing ideas for content and or landing pages. Great homepage too.

Google Data Studio – Create reports on the data you actually need to analysis and report on.

Google Analytics – If you have a website and you’re not using this or even have it setup, do it now!

Google TAG Manager – Allows you to track any action on a website for example a button click, download, field completed. If you need to track something on a site, this will probably help.

Google Search Console – Gives you information on how your website is performing in Google’s index. It’s like a diagnostic tool for your website. It also tells you which organic keywords are driving traffic to your site.

Google Alerts – Track keywords or search terms that appear in Google. As soon as something new pops up in Google’s index, it emails you a notification. This isn’t in real time though…there is a bit of a lag.

Google Trends – This shows the popularly of search term in Google overtime. Also good for finding trending products if you’re in to drop shipping for example.

Hotjar – Records what you visitors see on their screen. You can see their mouse movement, which pages they look at and how long they spend on each page.

Siteliner – Nobody likes duplicate content.

Copyscape – Does a similar thing to siteliner above.

Mailchimp – It’s what we used to send you the email that brought you here.

Hustle Pop Up – We could write any entire post about how good this plugin is. It’s so powerful and you can create almost any kind of pop up or data capture form. It connects super easy to Mailchimp and the amount of option this thing has is insane. You don’t need to PRO version, the free version out of the box does a great job!

MC4WP Mailchimp for WordPress – Using this plugin is the easiest way we’ve found so far to integrate your mailchimp account with  subscribe form on your website that looks good and actually works.

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting – If you want to host a podcast series, these guys have a really easy to use solution that makes it a breeze. Plus you can get your show listed on spotify in just one click.

Search Engine Journal – Great source of SEO knowlege and news plus it’s been around for ages.

PPC Hero – Good place for keeping up to date which what’s new in the world of pay per click.

Search Engine Land – Another good source of SEO news, updates and ideas.

MOZ Blog – If you’re looking for a reliable source to start learning digital marketing, this is good place to start.

SEMrush Blog – SEMRush is an awesome tool which ever digital marketing person should have access too. Their blog is a great source of information packed full of useful guides on a range of topics.

Paid Marketing Tools & Resources

These marketing tools are not free but are definitely worth investing in or getting buy-in from the powers that be so you can start using them.

SEMrush – If we could only have one tool for keyword research, rank tracking, content idea, backlink analysis and competitor research this would it.

MajesticSEO – Superb tool for heavyweight backlink analysis.

Ahrefs – Does similar stuff to SEMrush. They offer a 7 day trial for $7.

Adobe Creative Cloud – we know there are lots of free image editing tools out there like Canva but the Adobe suite of products is excellent. They offer a monthly subscription for £50 which is well worth the money, that give you access to everything including Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Premier Pro, Etc..

Adobe XD – Our favourite tool at the moment. It makes prototyping and design so easy! It’s part of the creative cloud set of products. If you need to mock up a wireframe or new landing page this is excellent.

Premium Beat – It’s not easy finding royalty free music with a commercial licences that doesn’t cost the earth. Premium beat have got it spot on. They offer tracks from $49 which come in a range of length, loops and shorts. Perfect for podcasting or your next company vid.

LastPass – How do you manage passwords? If you want a safe place to stored passwords for your accounts this is the easiest tool we’ve found. Plus it have a nice chrome extension which saves your passwords.

Buzzsumo – If you need to find influences or bloggers, this is a great tool that does just that.

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Have we missed a great tool? If so please get in touch and let us know!