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10 easy tactics for crafting sales-enablement content

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Let’s dive into the world of sales-enablement content. If you’re scratching your head wondering what that is, think of it as the secret sauce that empowers your sales team.

It’s the content that equips them with the knowledge, tools and resources to sell more effectively.

Now, how do you create content that turns your sales team into superstars?

Here are ten straightforward strategies:

Understand your sales team’s needs

Step one is simple: talk to your sales team. What questions do they face? What objections do they need to overcome? Tailor your content to address these points head-on.

Create case studies

Case studies are gold. They tell the story of how your product or service solved a real customer’s problem. They’re relatable, credible, and pack a persuasive punch.

Develop cheat sheets

Think of these as quick reference guides for your sales team. Highlight key product features, benefits, and quick responses to common questions. It’s like a mini playbook for sales success.

Equip with email templates

Save your team time by crafting email templates for various stages of the sales cycle. From first contact to follow-ups, these templates ensure consistency and save valuable time.

Keep product information up to date

Nothing undermines a sales pitch like outdated product info. Keep your sales team armed with the latest details, pricing, and specs.

Invest in marketing videos

Sometimes, showing is better than telling. Create engaging training videos that walk through product features, sales techniques, or market trends.

Provide social proof

Testimonials, reviews, and endorsements add credibility. Make sure your sales team has a repository of positive feedback they can share with prospects.

Share industry insights

Regularly share industry insights:
Keep your team informed about industry trends and news. Being knowledgeable positions them as trusted advisors in the eyes of customers.

Develop FAQs

Anticipate questions and objections customers might have. A well-prepared faqs document can be a lifeline in tricky sales situations.

Use data and analytics

Use data to show how your product or service has improved metrics for other clients. Hard numbers can often be the most persuasive tool in your arsenal.

Final thoughts

Creating sales-enablement content isn’t just about bombarding your team with information. It’s about providing them with the right tools at the right time to help them close deals more effectively.

How can Just Add Treviss help?

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