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Writing tips for B2B Marketers


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Crafting compelling content in the B2B space is a unique challenge. You’re not just speaking to consumers; you’re talking to other businesses, professionals who maybe need a bit more convincing.

So, how do you make your words resonate in the B2B realm?

Here are eight writing tips, complete with tactical examples, to sharpen your B2B content game.

Speak their language

Ditch the jargon, but don’t oversimplify. Use industry language that resonates with your audience’s expertise. For instance, if you’re writing for IT professionals, terms like ‘SaaS,’ ‘cloud computing,’ and ‘cybersecurity’ should be in your arsenal.

Focus on solutions, not features

B2B buyers are solution-oriented. They want to know how your product or service solves their problem. Instead of listing features like “Our software has multi-layer security,” say “Our software ensures your data is protected against the latest cyber threats.”

Tell a story

Storytelling is powerful. Share customer success stories or case studies. “See how Company X increased their efficiency by 40% with our solution” is a narrative that can capture interest and build credibility.

Educate your audience

Provide value through your content. Write blog posts or guides that not only talk about your product but also educate the reader on industry trends, like “5 Emerging Trends in Fintech for 2023.”

Keep things concise and clear

Time is precious in the business world. Keep your writing clear and to the point. Avoid fluff. If you can say it in five words, don’t use ten.

Strong openings are key

Hook your readers from the get-go. Start with a compelling stat or a provocative question. “Did you know that 70% of businesses are unaware of the most common cybersecurity risks?” is an opener that piques interest.

Use compelling CTAs

Your Call-to-Action should be clear, compelling, and direct. “Download our free guide to improving productivity” is a CTA that gives clear direction and an immediate benefit.

Leverage social proof

Incorporate testimonials, endorsements, and reviews into your content. “Trusted by over 500 companies worldwide” adds a layer of trust and credibility.

Writing for a B2B audience is about blending professionalism with approachability. It’s about understanding the unique challenges businesses face and offering them solutions in a language they understand and appreciate.